Walking Football National Cup

Cost of entry is £25.00 per team

Established in 2014, The WFA National Cup is the World’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious Walking Football Tournament. We have teams enter from the length and breadth of England and the standard increases year on year.

Entry to the National Cup for two teams, is included with a Full Tournament Affiliation.

In 2020, Pharmacy2U became the sponsor for the tournament.

Walking Football national cup


Entries will be open by May 1st via the WFA website

Entries already made for the 2020 tournament will be carried over to this tournament

If you are a new FT or existing FT member and either have or will renew by 31st May, you are entitled to 2 free entries from the 3 age groups. Note: If you are an FT club with 2 teams carried over but want to enter a third team, please select 3 when selecting the number of teams and give us details of all three squads. You will only be charged for one entry.

If you are not FT affiliated, you will have to pay a £25 entrance fee per age group.

Note: If you are unsure of your current affiliation status, please email carolcrump@thewfa.co.uk

To make the registration process more simple than the past, you will now have to pay on registration (if a payment is due).

A minimum of 8 players will need to be registered by 31st May 2021.

A maximum of 15 players can be registered for each team during the tournament.

Players can play in more than one age group if eligible.  In the case of the over 65s only, the goalkeepers can be over 60.

Tournament rules are largely unchanged from 2019 and will be sent out with the draw.


By affiliating with the WFA you will be showing support for our work and will be able to vote on important things like changes to the LOTG and appointment of directors.

It, therefore, makes financial sense to join now and benefit from the 2 free entries to the National cup.

You can affiliate via the website:

Grand Finalists will be asked to make an additional nominal fee contribution to cover the venue costs.

WFA 2021 Laws of the Game to be used with no variations


MAY 31ST—Closing date for registration. Fees to be paid and squad lists with dobs submitted by this date.

JUNE 7th—1st Round Draw for all 3 competitions.


Alternative weekend dates will be provided for clubs who have entered in more than one age group.

The draw is regional based to reduce travel time and cost.

For the 50s and 60s there are 8 regions. For the 65s there are 6 regions.

This is a knockout tournament up until the Grand Finals.

Subsequent round dates will be announced in the special National Cup newsletter in June.

Regional winners will be invited to the Grand Finals to be held in October.

Results and draws will be announce in special National Cup newsletters- please subscribe via the WFA website.



Contact details for tournament organiser: johngarrett@thewfa.co.uk

All games will be 6 a side with 3 rolling substitutes permitted. Squad of 9.

Match Duration—20 mins each way. In the event of a draw, extra time of 5 mins each way to be played. If still not decided best of 3 penalties followed by sudden death penalties.


The Draws— Please arrange to play on the weekend dates nominated. If this proves impossible, please contact the WFA for guidance.

The home team will arrange and pay for the pitch and referee – The WFA will appoint a referee wherever possible.

Exchange of team sheets—Both teams should exchange team sheets and photo ids (for proof of dobs.) before each match.

WFA Referees to be used. WFA will allocate wherever possible.

Referees will be reporting any cases of poor conduct by teams which may result in their expulsion and further disciplinary measures.

Clubs are to provide a match report, marking the referee’s performance.



Please note the following rules will apply:

1.Only size 5 ball to be used.

2.Only grass,3G, 4G and AstroTurf surfaces to be used.

3.Shin pads are compulsory.

4.Players can play for their Club in more than one age category providing they meet the age criteria.

5.In the Over 65s competition, teams may play a goalkeeper aged 60 or over.

6.Matchday squads max 9.

7.Max of 15 players can be registered but teams can continue to register players up to 30/9/2021 subject to the maximum number of 15 not being exceeded. You cannot deregister a player and replace him.

8.Players must be registered before playing.

9.Only WFA accredited referees to be used unless distance a problem when please refer to the Tournament Organiser.

10.WFA rules will apply throughout the Tournaments.


  1. Please note that once fees have been paid, they are non refundable.
  2. All fees are due to be paid by 31/5/2021.
  3. Clubs will be disqualified if they play and have not paid the entry fee.
  4. Initial playing squads need to be registered by 30/6/2021. If any team plays before their squad has been registered. they will forfeit the game and their entry fee will be non refundable.
  5. Please note the WFA reserves the right to expel any team, team member or organiser from the competitions if they permit non eligible players to participate, act outside the parameters of sportsmanship, conduct and fair play or are considered to be bringing the game of Walking Football into disrepute.
  6. In the event of any disputes these should be referred to the Tournament Organiser by email and he will make a final and binding decision.
National Cup Role of Honour

National Cup • Over 50s

2019   Pele’s Pearls
2018   Leggy Mambos
2017   Birmingham
2016  Herne Bay
2015  Leggy Mambos
2014  Leggy Mambos

National Cup • Over 60s

2019  Blackburn
2018  Watford
2017  Eastleigh
2016  Hartshill Strollers

National Cup Over 65s

2019 Birmingham
2018  Clevedon

National Cup Over 70s

2019   Nottingham Bramcote
2018  Portsmouth