Laws Of The Game - Timeline


Initial rules established by the sport’s creator John Croot


WFU use this version as a basis for the National Cup rules


WFA assume responsibility for the National Cup and publish LOTG for the sport


WFA ask clubs to vote on suggested improvements to the LOTG

The FA publish their version of the LOTG which are generally ignored, as they are merely a slightly modified version of small sided football, and betray an ignorance of the sport of Walking Football.


The WFA continue with their annual review of the LOTG in consultation with clubs and referees.

The FA publish a significantly revised version of their 2017 document


The WFA initiate a joint project with the FA to produce a uniform set of LOTG

After months of discussions and much progress, The FA terminate the unification project arbitrarily without reason, and publish a new version of their LOTG, creating further differences between the two codes. This new FA version automatically, without consideration as to their relevance, includes many changes taken from the new rules applied to Association football, and shows no consultation with the sport’s participants.


The 2 NGB’s now have LOTG that show almost 30 differences. Key differences include rules covering contact, handball, referees etc


The WFA, after consultation with clubs and referees, implement 2 significant changes for the 2021 LOTG, including DOGSO and quick free kicks.


The WFA, after further consultation with clubs and referees, some more changes are made to improve safety and flow of the game.

The latest Walking Football Laws Of The Game

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