The women's game

Why women play Walking Football

Women have been playing Walking Football nearly as long as men have, but the growth in the last few years has been tremendous and this is only set to continue.

This growth has seen the introduction of Women’s England teams in several age groups and many more women only clubs. The women’s game is exactly the same as the men’s, except women start to play Walking Football competitively at over 40’s.

The WFA is committed to supporting the women’s game at all levels and, in particular, the grassroots level. 

Walking Football for women

''Walking football is the highlight of my week''

Women across the country are discovering Walking Football
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The health benefits for women playing Walking Football are undeniable. For many women, this is their first opportunity for a long time to play an organised sport, so when they do, they discover the camaraderie that comes as an added benefit.

Many women who play Walking Football may have never played football before, so Walking Football is a great, slow-paced introduction to the beautiful game.


Our amazing new partnership with AXA

The Official Training Partner of Mum’s

The Official Training Partner of Liverpool FC is now also the
Official Training Partner of Mums.

AXA recognise that being a mum is busy! You care for everyone else first, usually put yourself last, and often are unable to prioritise exercise for loads of reasons, from being time-poor to fear of judgement. That’s why AXA are on hand to help women across the nation with some small steps to living a healthier life, both physically and mentally.

To announce the new partnership AXA invited five mums who are huge Liverpool FC fans to the AXA Melwood Training Centre to talk about their own experiences of balancing motherhood and staying active. Whilst at AXA Melwood the Mum’s discussed topics such as; how they juggle being a mum and staying active, feeling self-conscious whilst exercising, looking after their mental health, and tips on how they motivate themselves on days when the tank feels empty. Want to hear what the ladies had to say? Head over to the @axa_uk Instagram page for the full content.

As the Official Training Partner of Mums, AXA will be encouraging their followers to join Team Mum to discover great ways to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. If you join Team Mum you’ll get access to age and health specific guidance from the AXA Health professionals. You could also win a free annual membership to the Ramblers (Britan’s Walking Charity), and a £5 Costa Coffee voucher so you can grab a drink and go for a walk with a friend.

To find out more and join Team Mum visit:

Or use the button below


Apply for funding from AXA

Grants of up to £300 available for the following items to help your club grow

Facility Hire
Equipment- balls bibs cones
First Aid kit / training
Referee Courses
Coaching Course
Playing kit
Socks & shin pads
Goalkeeper gloves
Goals – Pop up goals 12×6 – samba – target

To apply for a grant, please email and make sure you put ‘AXA Grant’ in the subject line. Provide us with as many details as possible about your club, your plans for growth, and how you will use the grant.

You're a new woman

How we are supporting the game for women

This women’s section of our website will provide you and your club with current news and events, as well as details about our WFA competitive pathways at the county, regional and national levels, our very new and exciting AXA partnership and our annual National Cup.

The information on women’s Walking Football will ultimately grow and develop based on the needs of our clubs and players so please do get involved and contact us with your stories.

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