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Before you fill in the form, use the ‘Find a Club’ link in the main menu to make sure we haven’t already listed your club. If so, you can give us updated information. Make sure you tick the ‘Update my listing’ box.

Use the form on this page to send us details of your club.

The directory lists Affiliated and non-affiliated clubs. We’d advise all clubs to affiliate to the WFA, so if you represent a club, you can do that by using the Affiliation link in the main menu. Benefits of affiliation can also be found on that page.

The more information you can give us the better. As a minimum we need the following:

  • Your club name
  • A club contact name
  • A club contact phone number
  • A club contact email address
  • At least one location where your sessions/games take place

There is space on the form to give us more than one location and more than one set of contact information. It also gives you the ability to upload your club logo.

Tick this box if your club is already listed and want to send us updated information

Full address and postcode please

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The address where you play/train and information on sessions you run and the relevant age groups. If you use more than one location please provide all of them. Give us as much detail as you want. Give us the background of the club. Let us know who many sessions you run, what ages are the sessions and what is the cost? Tell us if you have women-only sessions etc

Please post the full link, including http:// or https://

Please post the link from Facebook, not just the name of the group/page

Please post the link from Twitter, not just the @name

Send us your club logo for the listing. Send us your logo in a square image to display the best. Max file size 1MB. File types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif


This helps us prevent spam, thank you.