Walking Football National Cup

Established in 2014, The WFA National Cup is the World’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious Walking Football Tournament. We have teams enter from the length and breadth of England and the standard increases year on year.

Men’s 50+,  60+, 65+ and 70+


The format of the cup is the same as last year, with four rounds followed by regional and national finals.

Women’s cup details and entries to follow soon!

National Cup Details


Entries are open

  • Only WFA affiliated clubs can enter
  • £30 entrance fee per age group, payable on registration.
  • Closing date for entries is March 4th
  • Players can play in more than one age group if eligible, but only for one club in each age group.
  • No under-age players allowed in any age group
  • Maximum squad of 15 players (whole tournament)
  • Age criteria is at date of match


1st ROUND DRAW: w/c 11th MARCH

Designated dates for the games to be played. 

1ST ROUND: 6th/7th & 13th/14th & 20th/21st APRIL

2ND ROUND: 11th/12th & 18th/19th MAY

3RD ROUND: 15th/16th & 22nd/23rd JUNE

4TH ROUND (Regional Final): 13th/14th & 20th/21st JULY

GRAND FINALS: 30th August – 1st September – University of Nottingham

Additional rounds may be required in certain regions.

We have conducted a comprehensive review of the tournament’s rules, and we believe that we have covered all the queries and suggested improvements raised in the past.

We urge you to read the whole document.

The key changes from last year are summarised below:

  • No extra-time
  • Increase in match duration to 50 minutes for the over 50s
  • New disciplinary rules included
  • Exchange of team sheets compulsory and will be enforced
  • Venues with boards must treat boards as being out of play
  • Increase to referee’s fees
  • Exclusion clause in cases of non-compliance with the rules
  • 70s tournament to move into regional format if entries continue to grow
  • ID Cards are discontinued
  • Players PA insurance will be automatically covered by the new Club PA insurance scheme

Download the full tournament rules – WFA National Cup Rules Version 1 200123

Results to be notified via the report on the WFA website by both teams within 24 hours of the match
The Draws— Please arrange to play on the weekend dates nominated. If this proves impossible, please contact the WFA for guidance.

  • The home team will arrange and pay for the pitch.
  • Referee costs are to be shared between the clubs
  • The WFA will appoint a referee wherever possible.
  • Exchange of team sheets—Both teams should exchange team sheets before each match.
  • Size 5 footballs only
  • WFA Referees to be used- always (when available)
  • Referees will be reporting any cases of poor conduct by players or teams which may result in their suspension, expulsion and further disciplinary measures.
  • Shirt numbers are advisable in the knock-out rounds and will be compulsory for the grand finals.

For all tournament queries please contact the Tournament Manager:

A club may only enter ONE team per age group

Players can play in more than one age group if eligible.

Each age group is deemed a separate unique tournament, so players can play for a different club as long as it is in a different age group.

WFA 2023 Laws of the Game to be used with no variations



All games will be 6 a side with 3 rolling substitutes permitted. Squad of 9.

Referees will be reporting any cases of poor conduct by teams which may result in their expulsion and further disciplinary measures.

Clubs are to provide a match report, marking the referee’s performance.



  1. Please note that once fees have been paid, they are non refundable.
  2. All fees are due to be paid prior to the tournament start
  3. Clubs will be disqualified if they play and have not paid the entry fee.
  4. Please note the WFA reserves the right to expel any team, team member or organiser from the competitions if they permit non eligible players to participate, act outside the parameters of sportsmanship, conduct and fair play or are considered to be bringing the game of Walking Football into disrepute.
  5. In the event of any disputes these should be referred to the Tournament Organiser by email and he will make a final and binding decision.

Download the full tournament rules – WFA National Cup Rules Version 1 200123

Visit it our dedicated National Cup Website

For more information on the Men’s National Cup, please visit our new dedicated national cup website.

On that site you can:

Register your players

Book a referee

Find contact information on your opponents

National Cup – Role of honour

Over 50s Men

2022 Forest Vets
2021 Weston Super-Mare
2019 Pele’s Pearls
2018 Leggy Mambos
2017 Birmingham
2016 Herne Bay
2015 Leggy Mambos
2014 Leggy Mambos

Over 60s Men

2022 Norwich Community
2021 Redcar Strollers
2019 Blackburn
2018 Watford
2017 Eastleigh
2016 Hartshill Strollers

Over 65s Men

2022 Eastleigh
2021 Eastleigh
2019 Birmingham
2018 Clevedon

Over 70s Men

2022 Norwich Soca Seniors
2021 Norwich Soca Seniors
2019 Nottingham Bramcote
2018 Portsmouth

Over 40s Women

2022 Bolton Arena
2021 Birmingham

Over 50s Women

2022 Birmingham
2021 Cheshunt