Grassroots Walking Football

What has the WFA done to support the development of grassroots Walking Football?

As the governing body for Walking Football in England, it is our duty to help develop the sport at all levels. With the majority of players coming into the sport for fun and fitness, this grassroots support is the cornerstone of everything we do.

“Our aims are to support grassroots Walking Football at all times. The sport gives players at the grassroots so much pleasure and tremendous health benefits. We will always reward the dedicated people who help to make grassroots Walking Football what it is”

John Croot | Creator of Walking Football

What we have done so far

Proving our commitment to grassroots Walking Football
  • Writing and running of a referee course – in England and Wales a total of 250 Club and Tournament referees have now been trained. We have also helped to train over 50 in countries overseas.
  • Development of a coaching course – the nature of Walking Football is that most clubs and session just turn up, warm up and play – there is very little coaching that takes place, but we have responded to calls from this country and overseas to write, accredit and deliver a grassroots Walking Football Coaching Course
  • New Club Toolkit – written by WFA and sponsored by Pure – to help any new club or session with some sensible, easy to understand help and guidance
  • LOTG – written so that the game is non-contact, as demanded by our affiliated clubs.  Reviewed by referees and clubs each year
  • New player Toolkit – as a follow-up to the Club Toolkit – written to support and inform any new players thinking of taking up the sport
  • Website – a new informative website with an up-to-date ‘find a club’ section
  • The National Cup – played firstly in regions – this is the largest solely Walking Football competition in the country – now sponsored by P2U
  • Newsletter – keeping all clubs up to date with all that is happening in the Walking Football world – with club features, international news etc
  • Regional Teams – for the more able and acting as a gateway for players into the England Squads, 5 Regional Teams have been formed at 3 age groups – these will play in the new National League – the Premier League for Walking Football in England – now sponsored by P2U
  • Supporting new sessions – WFA members have regularly supported new clubs and new sessions starting up in their area
  • Working with County FAs and local leagues – many examples around the country of where WFA players and officials work with local FA Leagues to help run their competitions smoothly
  • Dick Kerr Cup – supplying all the referees for this famous annual grassroots women-only competition
  • Other Leagues and Competitions – the East Midlands League, the South West Super Cup and just two examples of how the WFA wants to get more involved in local and regional grassroots leagues if they do not already exist.
  • Grass Roots Awards – introduced in 2020 – to recognize and celebrate the suburb individual and group work that takes place day in day out across England.  Coach of the Year and Club of the Year Awards will be presented.
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Grassroots Walking Football Award

Each year will celebrate your achievements

Introduced in 2020, it was created to recognize and celebrate the superb individual and group work that takes place day in day out across England. We award the Coach of the Year and Club of the Year.

grassroots Walking Football

Coach of the Year

joint – Lach Geddes (Weston)  and Michael Adams (Watford)

Club of the Year

Boston United

Team of the Year

Pele’s Pearls

Women's Team of the Year

Birmingham WFC

Commended Teams of the year

Weston-Super-Mare and Blackburn Rovers