Hello Colleagues,

Some great news for all WFA registered Referees

The WFA are to reintroduce the Referees Association, which, will have its own page on social media (Facebook) and will be for the purpose of discussion points, general conversation of all thing WFA, and latest Tournament appointments etc,and will have access by invited members only.for those of you without social Media, we will send out relevant information by e mail

There will be a small joining fee of £10.00 paid annually* and this fee will, once paid, gives you Personal Accident Insurance cover , and this will cover every single WFA game you officiate in, be it a club match, league match, tournament,or International

At present, WFA referees do not have any personal accident insurance cover, (unless you have taken out private individual insurance)

Your Referee Committee strongly urge you to take advantage of this Personal Accident Insurance offer.

*Membership runs for 12 months from April 1st each year


How to join

Simply complete the form below to become part of the scheme. PLEASE NOTE: Once joined, you will receive an email with a link. It is very important you follow that link to add your name to the insurance database, as this will activate your insurance cover. If you fail to add your name, you will NOT be insured.

Join The WFA Referees Association

Insurance Details

Policy Schedule

Click on the link below to see the policy schedule

Online resource of policy details.

Sports Insure FAQs

Click on the link below to visit the WFA Sports Insure page

FAQs Page

Making a claim

The claim needs to be made within 45 days of the incident.

If you need to make a claim against the policy, you should download the claim form below. You then complete the form and send it to the email address on the last page.

The insurance company contact us to make sure anyone making a claim is in our database as an insured party. This is a referee who has completed the referee registration form.

IMPORTANT: Before you make a claim, please contact kendavies@thewfa.co.uk to get your ID number. You will need to quote this to the insurance company.

Claim form. Please visit the link below to find the claim form.

Claim form