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Impairment doesn’t mean you can’t play Walking Football.

In fact, our experience is that activities like Walking Football can help many people with impairments. Not just physically, but mentally too. Looking forward to taking part in a fun and safe activity, meeting new and maybe re-establishing old friendships and getting physically fitter all help improve the way you feel about yourself.

The WFA have great expertise in this area with Stuart Langworthy having run The We Are Undefeatable Virtual Walking Football Team who is now involved in setting up Walking Football for Parkinson’s. Paul Murtagh is Chairman of Birmingham Walking Football Club and they run many sessions during the week for players with various impairments.

We are building a team of volunteers such as Paul Nicholls who was part of WAU team and is now WFA physio. He has Parkinson’s and is leading in this area. Steve White from Birmingham is leading in the Central area.

Grassroots Grants

The Walking Football Association is delighted to announce that, thanks sponsorship from KP, we are able to support new grassroots clubs and new impairment sessions.

Undefeatable Walking Football Team | 13th September 2020

We are Undefeatable Walking Football Team

We are Undefeatable - Johns Story

Walking Football Impairment

Walking Football Impairment

Transplant Football

Our new partnership with The England Transplant Football Club
england transplant football club

The England Transplant Football Association aims to provide all recipients who have received an organ transplant, Stem-Cell or Bone Marrow transplant. The opportunity to play transplant football locally, nationally and internationally.

So if you have received a life-saving donation, your journey starts here to meet like-minded people and get mentally and physically fitter. We welcome everyone to try this fantastic sport – help us grow this Inclusive game around the UK.


A word from EFTC founder

Stevie Woodrow

The growth of transplant football has been a passion of mine since receiving my life-saving kidney transplant in 2012. Having the ability and opportunity to coach and compete competitively again, inspired me to develop a pathway that others can follow.

Working in partnership with the Football Association it has been an honour and a pleasure to make this dream come true. To provide a talent pathway for future generations to develop as a player, coaches or future club managers. So that Transplant Football grows in the UK from grassroots to elite level and can compete on the International stage.