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The Federation of International Walking Football Associations (FIWFA) was formed in 2018 with the aim of promoting and developing the game of Walking Football throughout the world.

Part of our remit was to organise international fixtures and tournaments between the Walking Football associations across the globe.

The Walking Football 2020 World Cup, in Manchester, will be the inaugural World Cup and aims to take this global cooperation and love for Walking Football to new heights. We would like to invite your country to be part of this.

World teams

The competition will be played between teams in two ages groups, over 50s and over 60s. Your association can apply to have teams entered in both age groups or in just one. No country can have more than one team in each age group.

There will be a maximum of 12 teams in each age group, so applying early will help to guarantee your teams secure places in the tournament.

Crowd funding

In addition to sponsorship and other revenue generating activities, the WFA seeks to raise an additional £10,000 to support the running costs and the development of the National teams representing the different age groups.

The crowdfunding option is attractive as it allows for considerable rewards to be offered to those who donate funds including many which are tagged to attending the event.

The fund raising coupled with the additional publicity this will provide, as well as the attendance are important factors in making this a success.

Author: The WFA