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Walking Football survey

The growth in the sport has been exponential since it’s inception in 2009, with more clubs, more teams and tens of thousands more players.

As the Governing body for Walking Football in England, it was important to know how the game was progressing and if it was achieving the goal set out by John Croot at its inception.

So we decided to create a series of surveys to discover ‘the state of the game’. These surveys were sent to the 1800 newsletter subscribers and shared on social media.

The answers to this survey will help us to shape the game of the future.

We created three different surveys. The first was aimed at players and was trying to discover what made them play in the first place and what it means to them. We also wanted to find out more about their experiences playing now and what they wanted for the future.

The second survey was to get more insight into how clubs and teams operate.

The third and final survey was to determine the health challenges and health benefits of people playing Walking Football.

The surveys were sent to our 1800 subscribers in our newsletters and also shared on social media.

The questions were a mix of yes/no, multiple-choice and questions where the respondents could compose their own answers.

If you completed the survey, thank you.


You can download the survey here. WFA Survey Results – Sept 2020

Ken Davies
Author: Ken Davies