OtherWalking Football survey 2022

Bigger and better than before – the 2022 survey

This is our second survey. Our first was in 2020, whilst the country was in the midst of a pandemic. Now two years on, we thought we’d see what has changed and if the sport is viewed differently.

It’s no surprise that the sport has continued to grow especially in the women’s game. Another big change has been the growth of impairment Walking Football. The WFA has been spearheading this growth with massive steps being taken to support Parkinsons.

We created two surveys this time. The first being sent out in November of 2022 and the second in December.

As The WFA has grown, so has our subscriber database. Our last survey was sent to just over 1800 players,
but this more recent survey was sent to over 4500 subscribers. Plus we shared it on social media.

This has meant we had over 2500 responses to the questions we posed. With the majority being from our subscribers.

The questions were a mix of yes/no, multiple choice, and questions where the respondents could compose their own answers.



Number of responses: 2528 Responses by subscribers: 2208 Responses by non subscribers: 320

Download the results document: WFA Walking Football Survey – 2022

Author: The WFA