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In preparation of these guidelines, we have taken into consideration the age of WFA players.

You can download the full guidance document here WFA – Return To Play – V5 – March 2021



On Monday 29 March, as part of the next stage of the Government’s roadmap out of national lockdown, outdoor sports facilities can open, and organised outdoor Walking Football can take place once again.

Please follow the government’s safer travel guidance.

Changing rooms- If these are open- team talks/briefings and other gatherings should not take place in changing rooms under any circumstances.

Spectators – No One should leave home to participate in sport or to be a spectator if they, or someone they live with, have symptoms of COVID-19 currently recognised as any of the following:

    A high Temperature

    A new, continuous cough

    A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste

Supporters and spectators must adhere to legal gathering limits. If persons do not follow the legal requirements they should be asked to leave or not attend again.

We recommend that no spectators should attend.

Match Officials, medics and coaches should observe the government and WFA guidance in the same way as participants and must remain socially distanced from players where possible during play, i.e on touchline and/or behind boards.

Elite Athlete  (I.e.WFA England representative)

For the purposes of this guidance the definition of an ‘elite athlete’ means a person who is:

a senior representative nominated by a relevant sporting body

a member of the senior training squad for a relevant sporting body, or


Many of you will also now be vaccinated, but remember the vaccine doesn’t mean you can’t catch or pass on the virus. A full two-injection course will only lessen the impact of the virus and should stop you from becoming seriously ill.

Note: Covid 10 Vaccines.

The WFA do not require that any form of proof of vaccination is necessary before players are allowed to play.

March 29th 2021

Indoor Walking Football remains closed.

Social distancing will continue to be the expectation at all other times aside from playing.

The COVID-19 officer(s) for each Club/Team should conduct a risk assessment (review existing) and form a risk mitigation strategy prior to the resumption of training.  Specific risk considerations include:

Sports facilities and environment

Maximum numbers must not exceed 30 with no overcrowding the pitch I.e. if the pitch size is for 5 a side then no more than 5 a side should be allowed in order to reduce the risk of close contact exposure.

Try to ensure that the time spent by two or more individuals within a 2-metre distance of one another, and level of face to face contact, is kept to a reasonable minimum, consistent with effective playing I.e. no man to man marking, and no overcrowding pitch areas such as corners, free kicks with players in a wall in the last third of the pitch.

Coaching Practices I.e. Elite players

Close contact during technical coaching and physical coaching may take place with precautions  such as hygiene practices (e.g. hand washing) and the use of any reasonable PPE relevant to the interaction(s) (e.g. disposable gloves, masks).

Elite (ALL England Squads)

Continuation of training and competition under WFA Return to play conditions and within government guidelines.

Non-Elite (clubs, regional squads)

Outdoor only, organised WF Club sessions permitted max 30 per session no spectators and under Return to Play conditions and within government guidance.

These guidelines will remain in place until the UK Government issue new guidance.

Author: The WFA