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The long-awaited news regarding the return of Walking Football is clearly welcomed by all.

Many venues have started up with socially distanced Walking Football with bubbles of no more than 6. The feedback we have received has been very positive.

Players have felt safe and many have really enjoyed the opportunity to ‘train’ and develop skills, rather than just play

Many have enjoyed the fact that ‘no contact’ was enforced and they were safe in the knowledge that there would be no tackling from behind

All enjoyed a return to the fun and banter

Many clubs have not yet started back, as their facility is not yet open

It is essential to understand that the guidelines published only relate to outdoor sport – indoor sport is still not permitted

Many players have expressed concern that this jump from no contact bubbles of 6 to full contact with up to 30 is too big a jump too soon.

We must remember that we are dealing with a more ‘vulnerable’ age group and, as such, we need to make sure we all take appropriate precautions.

These best practice guidelines have been prepared in consultation with the WFA and FIWFA executive teams and a dozen Walking Football clubs of various size. Clubs / organisers may wish to make modifications with the agreement of their members/ participants.

With thanks to the following football clubs: Birmingham, Mansfield, Leggy Mambos, Chesterfield, Wigan, Bolton, Erpingham, Abbeymead Rovers, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Walton, Wokingham, Stamford.

Stay safe and well

Paul W Carr

Chief Executive

July 2020

Disclaimer: This guidance is for general information only and does not constitute legal advice

  1. WFA – Return To Play – V2 – July 2020

Declaration and COVID Template

Test and trace

The opening up of the economy following the COVID-19 outbreak is being supported by NHS Test and Trace. You should assist this service by keeping a temporary record of your participants for 21 days, in a way that is manageable for your organisation, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed.

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