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Why are Pure Retirement different?

We bring a focus and accessibility to our customers. We understand that choosing to release equity from your home is an important decision that needs real thought and care, and passionately believe that it should not be a complicated and confusing process.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and follow the code of conduct set out by the Equity Release Council (ERC).

Be Honest

We offer our customers financial products they can put their trust in.

Keep it simple

We don’t use jargon or complicated forms that can take hours to complete.

Take Responsibility

We aim to be fully transparent and accountable to our customers, regulatory and trade bodies.

So what does this actually mean for our customers?

The first step towards choosing equity release is doing your research. We actively encourage customers to get independent and qualified advice on all of their options, and we also provide a free guide about equity release.

All our literature and processes are written in plain English.

Our application and valuation fees are completely transparent from the very start.

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Why choose Pharmacy2U?

At Pharmacy2U, we do all the hard work for you from reminding you to place your order so you don’t run out, to working with your GP to arrange your prescription. We then dispense and deliver your medication to your door for free.

With an Excellent rating on TrustPilot, it’s easy to see why over 300,000 patients trust us to manage their medication.

Peace of mind

With an ‘Excellent’ rating based on over 100,000 reviews on Trustpilot, you can rely on us to manage your repeat prescriptions from request to delivery. Click below to find out how we have made life easier for people just like you.

Order from our website, on the go using our mobile app or just by picking up the phone and giving us a call. You can manage and order your medication 24 hours a day, so there’s no need to be checking opening hours.

No need to wait at home for your delivery

Many people think that they need to stay home to sign for their medication or collect it from the post office.

However, we can post the majority of medication through your letterbox or leave it in a safe place of your choice! For your safety, controlled drugs and refrigerated items will need a signature.

We even deliver refrigerated medication

We often get asked: “Can you dispense insulin and other refrigerated medication ?”
Yes we can – all of our fridge items are sent in our award winning natural wool packaging which keeps everything perfectly cool and controls the temperature between the regulated 2°C and 8°C.

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Why we have partnered with the Football Pools.

The Football Pools has been involved in football gaming since 1923 and are the original way people would bet on the outcome of football matches. You may have known them as Littlewoods or Vernons Pools and may have played them in the past or perhaps your Dad did. So why play WFA Football Pools?

When you play your club raises funds from The Football Pools.
When you sign up and play, you’ll be asked which club you play for and this is so the Football Pools can share some of its revenue with your club. The WFA and your club get to share 30p for every £1 spent by you and others supporting the WFA playing the pools, so it’s a pretty good deal for all concerned and we are in good company. The Football Pools only has a handful of affiliate partners and we are one, along with two Premier League clubs and Rangers in Scotland.

Just £10 a month and £3 goes back to help your sport.
Signing up means you get to play the Pools each time there is a game and it costs around £10 a month and is taken by direct debit. Plus, once you’ve picked your 10 numbers you play automatically with the same numbers each game, and you don’t need to check if you’ve won, as the Pools will contact you if you do.

You can win amazing prizes each month and the first 4 games are FREE.
There are lots of cash prizes to win each month in the prize draw.

Don’t forget the £3 Million Jackpot.
With all the other prizes it can be easy to forget the £3 Million Jackpot that can be won twice a week, every week.

We want you to play because it supports the WFA and the club you play for.
It’s not a huge outlay each month and it could mean great things for us both in terms of revenue generated and your potential to win prizes. We hope you agree and sign up today.

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