Over 40's National Cup

Until now, over 40s men haven’t been allowed in competitive Walking Football. We want to make the game as accessible as possible and we think there is an appetite for the game for over 40’s men. This tournament will give over 40’s men the chance to play competitively.

Not just for men

Women have been playing at over 40’s for some time, and we want to level the field. To that end, we are not excluding women from playing in this tournament. In fact we are encouraging clubs to enter mixed squads for this event.



In accordance with the National Cup Rules:
2. The Tournament shall comprise:
i. Men Over 40 – National Tournament
* Games will be played in group(s) at the National Cup Finals

27. Over 40s only:
i. All team can name a squad of up to 9 players – a minimum of 33% of the squad (so 3 players) must be over 40 but under 50.
ii. No representative teams may enter – for example, county, regional or national
iii. Teams are allowed to collaborate – for example if 2 or 3 local clubs all have a few under 50s/Over 40s they can combine to form one team


August 31st at Nottingham University.

This is a one day tournament, and the cost will be £45 per team. The format of the day will be a round robin of games based on the amount of teams that enter. To enter your club, please complete the form below.