NewsWalking Football and lockdown

Walking Football and lockdown

As you will no doubt be aware, new lockdown rules are coming into force across England on Thursday 5th November 2020. These measures are similar to the lockdown we saw in the Spring, with restrictions on non-essential travel and gatherings.

Given these new guidelines we have no option but to advise that all Walking Football group sessions, training and matches are suspended from Thursday, until the lockdown ends.

We hope that this new lockdown doesn’t adversely affect the mental health of our members and players. This is even more top of mind given the announcement today that the legendary Sir Bobby Charlton, brother to our Ambassador Tom Charlton, has himself been diagnosed with dementia.

We wish the entire Charlton family our best wishes in this difficult time.

The mental health benefits of Walking Football remain one of the driving factors in the continued growth of the sport. This was confirmed in our recent survey, with many respondents stating improved mental health as a major benefit. The quote below is typical of the responses we received.

“I came into Walking Football primarily to help me overcome and recover from a mental health breakdown in 2017. It has helped enormously, and I love participating in the WFA social functions, tournaments and weekly sessions which a large element is the camaraderie and most importantly the banter”

If the spread of the virus can be contained over the winter months, hopefully, we can go into 2021 with a new and positive outlook for both the country and Walking Football.

Stay safe

The Walking Football Association


Survey facts

  • Over 50% of players are aged between 60 and 70
  • Over 70% said it was the highlight of their week
  • Nearly 30% play just for social interaction
  • Over 72% have stated improved mental and physical health as a benefit
  • Over 40% have made friends or widened their social circle thanks to Walking Football
Author: The WFA