Judith is 57 (she will be in 58 in June, 2020) and has always loved football although she is as surprised as the next person (and also thrilled), to discover that many of her playing days still lie ahead of her. Here is her story…
In 2015, I had a serious back operation. Six months after my operation, the surgeon advised me to keep active. I built up my strength and confidence through cycling and CrossFit. I didn’t think I would kick a football again. Then I found Walking Football which definitely helps to keep my back strong and (touch wood) injury free, as well as boosting my well-being.
When I play Walking Football, I am in another world – one where my team, my teammates and playing the game are the only things that matter. You could say, I pack up my troubles in my old kitbag and play, play, play.

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Author: The WFA