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Funded by our new sponsor KP

The Walking Football Association is delighted to announce that, thanks to sponsorship from KP, we are able to support new grassroots club/session and new impairment sessions

Grant Application Criteria

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Grassroots Grants are currently available to affiliated clubs

  • 10 x £100 new club grants – to help purchase essential start-up kit such as balls, bibs and cones
  • 10 x £200 new Impairment session grants – to help support initial facility hire and/or community engagement

Conditions of acceptance

  • Clubs must be affiliated to the WFA and appear on the club database
  • Each club can only apply for one of the grants
  • Grant to be refunded to WFA for use elsewhere if session not started within 3 months
  • The club should have a constitution and a club bank account
  • Publicity should tag in
    • WFA (Twitter – @thewfauk, Facebook @thewalkingfootballassociation)
    • KP (Twitter – @kpGroup_, @Klockner Plentaplast)

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  • How you ensure that the session/club is going to be sustainable