Dee Dee Mahmood has been appointed as Director of International Development and Research. In what is a major milestone for the sport.

As a highly respected and influential individual, Dee Dee has a fantastic background in many fields, and is known world-wide as a lecturer, keynote speaker, multi award winning celebrity exercise Physiologist, TV presenter and Talk Show host, nutritionist and Walking Football supporter.

Paul Carr, FIWFA Chief Executive, is delighted to welcome Dee Dee to the team…” We have always tried to advance the sport world-wide and we have already done coaching courses in Hong Kong and the Channel Isles, and Referees Courses in France, Wales and the Channel Isles and shortly in Malaysia. We regularly receive requests for help from overseas. Dee Dee will be a huge asset in promoting the sport and the FIWFA Brand overseas, as well as conducting important research into the benefits of Walking Football. She clearly shares our vision and we believe this will be a perfect partnership.”

Dee Dee commented: “It is an honour to be appointed the Director of International Development & Research for FIWFA (Federation of International Walking Football Associations). With the objective of promoting Walking Football nationally and internationally, for the purpose of health, recreation and competition, while harmonising social bonding and focusing on improving both health and performance-related fitness to promote active ageing across all ages, irrespective of genders, race/nationalities, language or religion.

Apart from the promotions of this sport throughout Asia and internationally, it is important to expand the scientific body of knowledge on Walking Football. I look forward to collaborations and synergy in research internationally.

It is also a vision to make Walking Football available to even those with limited abilities and those who wanted to pick up a new sport, to play Walking Football socially or competitively. If you can walk, you CAN play Walking Football! “

About Dr Dee Dee:

Dr Dee Dee’s connection to Walking Football4Health Asia:

Walking Football for Health Asia is a Communities-Crossing-Countries-Health Empowerment Movement and scientific research initiative spearheaded by Dr Dee Dee Mahmood, Celebrity Talk Show Host and multi-award-winning Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist & Academic Adjunct Senior Lecturer (International Collaborations) of Edith Cowan University Australia. It empowers health promotion crossing borders promote community health across Asia, combating obesity and non-communicable diseases which interferes with the productivity and quality of life.

Author: The WFA