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England Teams Win World Nations Cup

Teams from 19 nations came to England for the first ever World Nations Cup of Walking Football. Teams played with passion and pride in three days of high quality, competitive Walking Football. Although this was about the games, it was the spirit and friendship that the tournament should be remembered. Old friendships renewed and new…

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National Cup 2023 Round 4 Draw and Regional Finals

Over 50sOver 60sOver 65sOver 70sOver 50s 4th ROUND DRAW                                                   Regional Finals Games to be played between 22-23 July or 29-30 July NORTH WEST BLACKBURN or WINSTANLEY V DENTON or BOLTON ARENA NORTH EAST   LEGGY MAMBO’S V WAKEFIELD WANDERERS CENTRAL   WORCESTER CITY or SHREWSBURY 99ERS V HARBOROUGH or  NOTTS FOREST EAST   NORWICH COMMUNITY…

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