The WFA Affiliation for 2024/25

Affiliation to The WFA costs £75 per club.

Affiliation runs from April 1st to March 31st annually.

You will have noticed that this is an increase on the affiliation cost for last year, but this is because the cost of the full Personal Accident cover for Walking Football players at the club has increased substantially. We had no option but to increase the cost of affiliation to cover the increased cost of cover.

This extra cost, still represents great value as it covers all the players at your club, rather than on a team by team basis as some other insurance does.

Are you an existing affiliated club ready to re-affiliate?

If your club is already affiliated, and listed on the club directory, then all you need to do to take out the new affiliation is to use the My ACCOUNT link in the menu to login to your account. Once on your dashboard your see the option to pick the new 2023/2024 affiliation.

See the image below.

Are you a new club wanting to affiliate for the first time?

If you are a new club, looking to affiliate, scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the process starting with form on this page. Or you can use the button below.

The benefits of Affiliation

A comprehensive list of benefits

  • Personal accident insurance for players
  • The right to enter squads for the National Cup and any other WFA run Leagues or approved events. (Only affiliated clubs can enter WFA Tournaments and Leagues from 2024)
  • The right to vote on how the WFA is run and governed
  • The right to nominate clubs and officials for the WFA Grassroots Awards
  • Right to vote on changes to Laws of the Game (LOTG)
  • The right to submit players for the National Teams (Only players from affiliated clubs can play for the England National Teams from 2024)
  • Your club details are listed on our club finder section of the website (Google’s number one ranked Walking Football website)
  • Partner discounts
  • Free Health & Safety advice
  • The option to have a WFA referee course*** held at your club
  • Players will be insured for all WFA events and tournaments
  • New players are insured automatically on joining the club
  • Players will be insured for friendly matches
  • Players will be insured for all training sessions
  • All players aged up to and including 85 are covered**
  • Insured players that play for more than one affiliated club will be covered playing for both clubs
  • Cover extends to WFA Approved games in Europe
  • The only insurance that will cover players playing in WFA events*
  • The insurance policy is with Aviva through Sports Insure

*Clubs that currently have insurance through the FA Bluefin scheme; that insurance will not cover players for WFA events, unless the event is approved by your club’s county FA. This was confirmed to us by Bluefin, but feel free to check the cover yourself.

** There is no lower age limit, so players under 40 in the women’s game and under 50 in the mens game would be covered.

*** Referees courses are an extra cost per attendee.

Walking Football

Best Practice toolkit

The best practice tool kit is full of useful information to help you set up and run a successful Walking Football club. Available to download as a PDF, it’s also available in hard copy, for those that would prefer it. To request a hard copy, please contact Paul Carr by email once you have completed the affiliation process.

Walking Football

Display the WFA Affiliated club logo on your website

Affiliation Process – Stage 1

Once you have completed this form, you will be taken to stage 2 where you will create a username and password and pay for your affiliation. At the second stage, you will also make the payment. Payments are taken securely by Stripe. Payments are non-refundable.

If you already have a listing in the directory and you don't want to change anything, tick the 'Yes'. If you want to change anything use the fields in the form below. Listings not in the directory should complete all the fields in the form.

Full address and postcode please

If in a large city, use an area. e.g North London

The address where you play/train and information on sessions you run and the relevant age groups. If you use more than one location please provide all of them. Give us as much detail as you want. Give us the background of the club. Let us know who many sessions you run, what ages are the sessions and what is the cost? Tell us if you have women-only sessions etc

If you want to be found on the directory for say 'Women' or 'Over 70s' then please add these in this field separated by commers. EG: women, over 40s, over 50s

Please post the full link, including http:// or https://

Please post the link from Facebook, not just the name of the group/page

Please post the link from Twitter, not just the @name

Send us your club logo for the listing. Send us your logo in a square image to display the best. Max file size 1MB. File types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif


This helps us prevent spam, thank you.