England Over-50s Squad Announced

After 4 regional and one national trial, Paul Murtagh the England over 50s manager has named the following squad for the England v Italy international match on the 13th May at Brighton’s Amex stadium.


Andy Jaques, Sheffield Utd
Rob Keating, Solent FC
Pete Gibbons, Hartshill Strollers


Trevor Hanson, Blackburn Rovers
Rob Pass, Stroud
Paul Derbyshire, Leggy Mambos
Simon Sheppard, Norwich
Darren Bradley, Birmingham


Jefferson Simon, Leicester
Paul Walton, Leggy Mambos
Nick Morris, Leeds Titans
Kevin Symington, Sheffield Utd
Neil Brown, Herne Bay (Captain)
Ian Ward, Pele’s Pearls
Peter Henry, Chemico
Paul Brown, Leyton Orient
Paul Kirby, Stamford Strollers


Neil Davey, Herne Bay
David Wright, Birmingham
Neil Carr, Blue Flames (Newcastle)
David Norton, Birmingham
Neil Evans, Leggy Mambos